Frequently-Asked Questions

What is VendorLink?

VendorLink is a free and easy online tool which helps vendors connect with their current and potential customers, so you can grow your business. Specificaly, we give you an all-in-one tool to collect customer emails easily, as well as point folks to your websites and social media (instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc). We do this in a way that puts all this info into customers' hands with a simple point-and-shoot of their phone's camera, with nothing to remember or links to type in manually. Easier for them, easier for you.

Who is VendorLink for?

VendorLink is for vendors of all types. In particular, it is great for craft fair vendors, farmers market vendors, and food trucks.

What does it cost?

VendorLink is a new tool provided by a small startup. It is currently FREE to use. In the future, we will likely add premium features.

How do I get started?

Just go to, and follow these easy steps...

Can I change my profile details later?

Yes, absolutely. You can edit your name, the brief description, and any of the social media links. You can also leave some of the fields blank (for example, if you do not have a Pinterest page, you can leave that field blank).

What do customers have to do?

Very little, they just point-and-shoot with their smartphone's camera where they see your QR code printed. That's it. After they do, all your info is now literally in their hands.

What exactly is a "QR code"?

It stands for "Quick Response" code. It may sound fancy and technical, but basically it's just a square-shaped barcode that smartphones can scan easily with their camera, and take a customer to a webpage online automatically. More detailed information about how to scan a QR code with a smartphone can be found here.

What can customers see on the profile details page?

They can see all the information from your Profile Details: the name of your business and a brief description, a link to your website, a link to add their email to your mailing list, and any social media links you have (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc).